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Joining the 2022 NMP service


The 2022 NMP service runs until Sunday 6th November 2022.

  • NMP is a horse racing tipping service which is primarily concerned with Flat, turf racing and the Cheltenham Festival in March.
  • The UK season runs from March until November so our busiest months are expected to be the summer months, when the main festivals are taking place and when there is also evening racing.
  • The Meydan Carnival takes place on Fridays in January and February and, along with the all-weather Championship and higher-class AW handicaps and Listed/Group races in Britain, will be our main point of interest over the winter. I will be having fewer bets over the winter than over the last few years as I acknowledge this simply isn't the optimum betting time of the year for me personally.
  • Most of our bets will be posted towards the end of the week, especially on Saturdays, when the quality of racing increases, and that is true throughout the year. There won't be many bets issued at the start of the week between Monday to Wednesday, outside of the main Flat racing Festivals, but any days on which no bets are sent will still form part of your membership period.
  • In terms of jumps racing, I absolutely love betting at the Cheltenham Festival and it is our busiest punting week of the year. The preparation starts in the preceding months and many bets are advised at the ante post stage. I am also interested in the Grand National but I am not interested in much of the other jumps racing in the year. I may send some bets for the big Saturday handicaps but won't be getting as heavily involved as we do in the big Saturday handicaps during the Flat season.
  • My main focus in 2022 will be sending bets out for the ITV-televised racing during the summer. Mainly, this will be for Saturdays, though the big midweek summer Festivals are also televised and I will also cover those - for example the Chester Cup meeting in May, the Dante and Ebor meetings at York in May and August, respectively, the big meetings at Newmarket such as the Guineas, Cesarewitch and Cambridgeshire meetings, and also Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood. Internationally, I sometimes advise bets in the Group races in France on a weekend and will cover the Arc meeting and also the Melbourne Cup at Flemington and Breeders' Cup (whole meeting) in America in November.
  • All bets are sent via daily e-mails. An e-mail will be sent to advise if no bets are to be advised for a given day.
  • E-mail times will be more flexible in 2022 than they have been in the past and for any of the ITV-televised races, in stronger betting markets, and for the weekend racing. I may move to sending more bets the evening before racing (10 - 11 pm). If this is a problem and you don't like placing bets until the morning when the prices may potentially have moved - please be aware of this before signing up.
  • Bets sent on race day morning for low-key meetings will generally be sent between 8 am and 8.45 am before I start work. I run NMP alongside working a 9 am - 5 pm job so cannot advise bets during working hours unfortunately. Again, please be aware of this before signing up as there is no scope to move e-mail times back until later in the day.
  • Most importantly, if you don't have access to bookmaker accounts then I wouldn't recommend signing up to the service - you'll be frustrated over the lack of liquidity around on the exchanges when bets are issued and likely ruin the prices for those of us betting with bookmakers.
  • All bets will be sent on a 0.25 - 3 pt scale during the main turf season. The average stake is around 0.75 pt.
  • Bets advised will be a mixture of win only and each-way singles and also multiples (mostly doubles). The multiples are the most volatile bets advised on the service so the singles are the main bets and will account for most of the betting turnover.
  • Prices are quoted with the main bookmakers listed on Oddschecker or on the Racing Post odds comparison pages.
  • The seasonal aim will be to double an 80 pt betting bank (to achieve 100 % growth) over the course of the season and I am not concerned by short-term results over the course of a month or two - the profit at the end of the season is what matters most. If we hit the annual profit target in good time then stakes may be tapered off towards the end of the season to protect what we've won to that point.
  • I will be taking a two one-week holidays at some point (likely during the summer) and that will still form part of your membership period if signing up for the full season (if signing up for a month I will pause your membership whilst I am away). I may not send any bets while away during those weeks.
  • There will be a monthly sign up option once the turf season is underway. There is an end-of-season sign up option which gives the best long-term value and a substantial discount on the month-to-month price. There is also a short term membership option to cover all bets through until the end of March for those interested in following my bets during the Cheltenham Festival.
  • An end-of-month results spreadsheet will be sent out to all members to make it easy to track service performance. P/L for bets will be logged to two totals - those obtainable if getting the best quoted prices each time (can be the highest odds or if obtaining enhanced place terms) and also the lowest/worst odds (or could be standard place terms etc). This gives members a guide as to the profit level that can be realistically obtained following the bets (most members won't get best prices every time but most will obtain a figure somewhere between the two totals).
  • Patience, as ever, is needed, to ride out the inevitable losing runs we experience over the course of the year, as is a proper betting bank. I can cite many examples where members grew frustrated over a losing or even break-even run of results, left the service before their membership had expired, then the next month we won big. It happened in 2021 when one member left after four break-even months and then missed out on the +170 pts we won the following month. How gutted would you be?! Monthly profit fluctuates and it isn't steady and predictable. I have over 10 years experience running the service and cannot emphasise enough how important patience is!
  • No refunds are given. We have winning and losing runs and you could experience either immediately upon joining the service - betting is volatile as we are backing horses with odds generally in the range 7/2 to 12/1 ish, not odds-on sports picks where you would need a strike rate above 50 % to make a profit! 
  • I had members that joined in September 2021 and won huge amounts immediately, though I also had members that joined in April and had to wait five months before winning big.... the pattern of winning and losing months varies from year to year.....that's how variance works!
  • The monthly sign-up option is offered, from the spring, for those unable to commit until the end of the season. 
  • All payments are standalone, not set up with recurring billing.


I usually pick up any new sign up payments on an evening once I return home from work, so if you sign up during standard office hours during the week and don't receive an instant welcome e-mail from me, don't worry - if you have a payment receipt from PayPal your payment will have come through to me and I will be in touch to confirm receipt of your payment, send you some general service information and then add you to my e-mail list that evening before the next e-mail is sent. 

Monthly memberships will be available during the Flat season.

1. One month NMP membership:

Covers all bets sent from the day you sign up for one month. Please note, betting activity is not equal across the year. The summer period and the months during the Flat season are our most active.


NMP Membership for one month

2. Long-term/end of year membership:

Covers all bets sent from the day you sign up until 6th November 2022 for £125.


2022 end of year NMP Membership

Please take a moment to read the NMP terms of use before proceeding to send any payment.

My service suits members who are prepared to adopt a long-term approach to betting, as selections are horses that are believed to offer the best value in a race, not necessarily the horse with the best chance of winning. We also have stronger months than others; I expect to make the bulk of the profit in the summer.

I advocate using a betting bank of 80-100 pts to follow my service (longest losing run to date was 65 pts) but would advise any new member to paper trial results initially whilst they get a feel for the service, and also, to only ever bet what they can afford to lose.

Members who are restricted to betting solely on the exchanges will struggle to replicate my profits, as horses generally shorten from their advised prices to SP or BSP - and access to bookmaker accounts is needed to make the most of the better place terms available with the firms (many bets are advised each-way).

I would politely advise prospective members who are restricted to betting solely on the exchanges to find a different service to join - rather than signing up to NMP and being left disappointed over a lack of liquidity available to back selections when e-mails are sent.



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