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Recent Winners

Some of the recent bets advised on NMP include:

Croeso Cymraeg 7/1 - WON

Oscula 15/2 - WON

Mitrosonfire 7/2 - WON

Atalis Bay 7/4 - WON

Quick Suzy 9/1 - WON

Surefire 8/1 - WON

Alenquer 9/4 - WON

Significantly 12/1 - WON

Chichester 9/2 - WON

Go Bears Go 7/1 - WON

Romantic Proposal 3/1 - WON

Came From The Dark 4/1 - WON

Young Fire 7/1 - WON

Blackrod 11/1 - WON

Motakhayyel 10/1 - WON

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Latest news

Summer update
11th July 2021

Champion Bets Podcast
22nd April 2021

2021 SBC Awards - NMP double silver medallist
23rd March 2021

Joining the NMP service

The 2021 NMP service runs from 1st December 2020 until 30th November 2021.

Summary of the 2021 NMP service

  • All bets will be sent via daily e-mails
  • Most e-mails will arrive between 8.30 - 8.45 am each morning 
  • Twitter notifications can be set up on a mobile to give you a reminder when bets have been issued
  • Bets will be advised on a 0.25 - 3 pt scale (average stake likely to be around 0.75 pt to 1 pt) during the turf season (which runs from late March until early November)
  • The staking scale will be reduced to 0.25 - 1.5 pts over the winter, however, as the summer is our main betting period
  • Most bets advised will be a mix of win only and each-way singles, though, for those who are into multiples, there will also be some of those sent out 
  • We are more interested in the better class races - class 4 and upwards, and especially the big weekend handicaps and festivals 
  • There will be blank betting days along the way (often early in the week) if nothing suitable pops up and these days will still form part of your membership
  • During the main turf season bet frequency increases. The turf season is our main focus in the summer. Over the winter I will focus on the AW. We will be getting heavily involved at the Cheltenham Festival, as ever, and I'll have a crack at the Grand National, but jumps racing will be scarcely covered over the winter (our best results are on the AW).
  • The aim, as usual, will be to try achieve 100 % bank growth for the year from an initial 80 pt betting bank - long-term results are more important than those from any individual month
  • I will be taking two one-week breaks during the 2020 service (likely to be in May and August) and these will form part of your membership if you have signed up until the end of the season
  • An end-of-month results spreadsheet will be sent out to all members to make it easy to track service performance
  • The service is only suitable for those with access to bookmaker accounts - those that need to use the exchanges in the mornings to get on are not advised to sign up - you won't be able to get on at the prices advised
  • Patience, as ever, is needed, to ride out the inevitable losing runs we experience over the course of the year, as is a proper betting bank
  • No refunds are given. We have winning and losing runs and you could experience either immediately upon joining- sports betting is volatile! There are shorter membership options available for those unable to commit until the end of the season.
  • Racing has been classified as an elite sport by the UK government during the November 2020 lockdown and, as such, is able to continue to operate during the current Covid-19 pandemic. If the situation changes in the future, though, and UK Racing is temporarily stopped, I will switch to sending out bets from the USA on the NMP service (I have covered US racing at work for 10 years so have a background in it). If the racing in the US grinds to a halt, too, I will pause everyone's memberships and re-start them once UK racing is underway again (and extend their memberships at the end). It really shouldn't come to that....but I thought it would be best to be prepared with a backup plan just incase!


I usually pick up any new sign up payments on an evening once I return home from work, so if you sign up during standard office hours during the week and don't receive an instant welcome e-mail from me, don't worry - if you have a payment receipt from PayPal your payment will have come through to me and I will be in touch to confirm receipt of your payment, send you some general service information and then add you to my e-mail list that evening before the next e-mail is sent the following morning (most emails arrive around 8.30 am).

1. Long-term/end of year memberships:

Covers all bets sent from the date you sign up through until 30th November 2021 - 150

2021 NMP Membership

Please take a moment to read the NMP terms of use before proceeding to send any payment.


2. Monthly memberships

One month memberships are available at  45.

NMP Membership for one month

Please take a moment to read the NMP terms of use before proceeding to send any payment.

My service suits members who are prepared to adopt a long-term approach to betting, as selections are horses that are believed to offer the best value in a race, not necessarily the horse with the best chance of winning. We also have stronger months than others; I expect to make the bulk of the profit in the summer.

I advocate using a betting bank of 80-100 pts to follow my service (longest losing run to date was 65 pts) but would advise any new member to paper trial results initially whilst they get a feel for the service, and also, to only ever bet what they can afford to lose.

Members who are restricted to betting solely on the exchanges will struggle to replicate my profits, as horses generally shorten from their advised prices to SP or BSP - and access to bookmaker accounts is needed to make the most of the better place terms available with the firms (many bets are advised each-way).

I would politely advise prospective members who are restricted to betting solely on the exchanges to find a different service to join - rather than signing up to NMP and being left disappointed over a lack of liquidity available to back selections when e-mails are sent.  



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