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Recent Winners

Some of the recent bets advised on NMP include:

Croeso Cymraeg 7/1 - WON

Oscula 15/2 - WON

Mitrosonfire 7/2 - WON

Atalis Bay 7/4 - WON

Quick Suzy 9/1 - WON

Surefire 8/1 - WON

Alenquer 9/4 - WON

Significantly 12/1 - WON

Chichester 9/2 - WON

Go Bears Go 7/1 - WON

Romantic Proposal 3/1 - WON

Came From The Dark 4/1 - WON

Young Fire 7/1 - WON

Blackrod 11/1 - WON

Motakhayyel 10/1 - WON

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Latest news

Summer update
11th July 2021

Champion Bets Podcast
22nd April 2021

2021 SBC Awards - NMP double silver medallist
23rd March 2021


Historical profit to 30th June 2021 is +553 pts from a total of 8105 pts staked - a long-term ROI of +7 %.

Realistically, most members have achieved a much higher profit than that by taking odds higher than those quoted on advised bets.

To give an idea of how much more you can beat the lowest quoted odds each year...... in 2020,for example, members made between +126 pts profit (if taking highest advised prices) and +66 pts profit (if taking lowest advised prices every time) from 730 pts staked over the course of the year.

So, as you can see, there is great potential to beat the bottom figure profits reported at the top of this page (which is to worst prices).

Those 2020 results correspond to annual ROIs of +17 % and +9 % and ROCs of +158 % and +83 % (assuming an 80 pt betting bank was used).

You need bookmaker accounts to follow the service and replicate those results.


Year-by-year summaries can be found at the following links:

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 201520162017201820192020.

A breakdown of recent bets can be found by clicking through the Racing Index logo below (results are given to SP and BSP). 

I send out a full breakdown of bets to advised stakes and prices to my members in an Excel spreadsheet at the end of every month.

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