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Final profit figures: 2021 NMP service

29th November 2021

We end the year with a final profit of +162.68 pts (best prices) to +77.45 pts (worst prices) - the return on investments were +20 % to +10 %, respectively, and the return on capitals (assuming an 80 pt betting bank was used) were +204 % and +97 % respectively.

In terms of where the profit was made, singles accounted for +95.85 pts (best prices) to +41.97 pts (worst prices) from 622.25 pts staked.

Multiples accounted for +66.83 pts (best prices) to +35.48 pts (worst prices) from 177.58 pts staked.

Please find further details on how to join the 2022 service - there is currently a £50 discount on the price to sign up for the full season.

Author: Wayne Finter


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