Northern Monkey Punter

Recent Winners

Some of the recent bets advised on NMP include:

On To Victory 10/1 - WON

Tarnawa 7/2 - WON

The Revenant 11/2 - WON

Pretty Boy Floyd 9/2 - WON

Bucky Larson 6/1 - WON

Arcanears 7/1 - WON

Sorrel 3/1 - WON

Young Fire 9/2 - WON

Moving Forward 5/1 - WON

Round The Island 4/1 - WON

Melodic Charm 9/2 - WON

Erich Bloch 8/1 - WON

Ela Katrina 10/3 - WON

Brentford Hope 9/4 - WON

Lustown Baba 7/2 - WON

Wrenthorpe 6/1 - WON

Dakota Gold 2/1 - WON

Traisha 4/1 - WON

Ilaraab 3/1 - WON

Goldie Hawk 5/1 - WON

Alhaazm 7/2 - WON

Light And Dark 11/2 - WON

Lequinto 6/1 - WON

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Latest news

2020 NMP Annual Review
30th November 2020

2021 service - membership now open
10th November 2020

King puts icing on the cake
9th November 2020

About the service / FAQs

Northern Monkey Punter is a Horse Racing tipping service which sends out daily e-mails to members via a closed e-mail list.

My primary interest is class 4+ Flat racing, so most bets come in the summer, during the turf season. Within a specific week, more bets are advised at weekends or during any midweek festivals, when the quality of racing is better. 

If the quality of racing is poor (often the case midweek), I will advise no bets and we will have a day off and wait for some better action.

The majority of bets are e-mailed between 8.30 am and 8.45 am in a morning. For some of the big weekend races, which are priced up early (often the case for the big races shown on TV), or for the big festivals, I sometimes issue the bets the night before racing. 

The service is suitable for members who have access to bookmaker accounts and does not suit those using betting exchanges - there is insufficient liquidity to follow the selections on betting exchanges and I would advise anyone who needs to use betting exchanges to find an alternative service to join - one which which perhaps issues their bets later in the day when it is easier to get stakes matched on the exchanges.

Bets are provided on a staking scale (0.25- 3 pts) to give an idea of the level of confidence and perceived value behind each bet. The maximum bets are rare, and most bets in the main turf season tend to be around 0.75 to 1 pt. 

The bets sent are mostly singles - a mix of win and each-way, sometimes both.

There are also some multiples sent to accommodate those members who like them. They are often to try generate stake roll ups on our main fancies for the weekend - we've landed some highly profitable ones in the past (albeit they are more volatile bets than the singles).

Northern Monkey Punter Limited

Registered in England and Wales, Company no. 10502426